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Blackout Blinds

What are the benefits of Blackout Blinds?

We have finally had a taste of the bright mornings and lighter evenings this bank holiday weekend. So how can you ensure the best nights sleep especially through the summer months? A Blackout Blind! 

Did you know?

Blackout blinds originate from the WW2 when Blackout Blinds and Curtains were used to avoid light leaking out of windows creating a target for enemy bombers.

It has been proven that sleep helps your body and brain function properly, improving memory and decision making. It is also important for  reducing stress and lowering the risk of heart disease! This is the same for children with studies showing improved attention and behaviour with an adequate amount of sleep.

Blackout blinds are ideal for young children, shift workers and restless sleepers. There are a wide range of Roller, Vertical and Cellular fabrics available from plain to printed and with such a wide range of styles and fabrics available were sure to be able to find something that suits your decor! 

Not Only do Blackout Blinds block out light but they also offer reduced noise, perfect for those living in busy areas such as towns and city apartments. 

Cellular blinds also provide better insulation making them ideal for both summer and winter! In summer heat is blocked by the thicker fabrics and often they have a backing that reflects the light, In Winter Heat is retained better and the fabric acts as a barrier between the cold window and the room. 

Privacy is important to us all and due to the thicker fabrics Blackout Blinds provide more privacy than a standard roller blinds which is great for bedrooms and bathrooms! 

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Blackout Blinds alone will never block out 100% of light but we have a range of ways that we can reduce the amount of light bleed from our added brush option on Perfect fit or Side Channels on Roller Blinds.