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Smart Motorised Electric Blinds Supplied and Installed

Smart Motorised Blinds are great gadgets and very convenient. They are the ideal solution in hard to reach places, for elderly or disabled people that would otherwise struggle to open or close their blinds and for gadget fans alike. They are also a great security option. 

These products are the future and are here to stay, we have seen a rising interest in Smart Motorised Blinds and we are ready to survey, manufacture and install yours.



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  • Link multiple blinds to one remote
  • Add a hub to your order for added security and voice control- Set timers for when you are away and connect your hub to your home assistant such as  Alexa, Google home or Siri.
  • Range of Blind styles to choose from.


Step 1: Measure the width Left to Right in 3 places.

Step 2: Measure the height Top to Bottom in 3 places.

Take the smallest measurment from each for your final measurement.