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Energy Efficient Blinds

Shutters and Blinds can improve U-Values by over 40%!

The topic that we cant avoid at the moment…The rising energy costs! Having already seen an increase this April with another increase due in October of 42% we are all looking at ways to reduce our energy use. Improving U-Values will reduce heating bills and help us save money!

What is a U-Value? A U-Value is a measure of heat loss/gain. When the U value decreases means that less energy is able to travel through the material; so the lower the U value the better the thermal performance.

Did you know? 30% of a home’s heating energy is lost through windows!

So which window coverings are the most energy efficient to use in your home and how can you operate your blinds for optimal benefit?


Wooden Shutters offer the largest reduction in heat loss with a 64% Reduction compared to a single glazed window. Made to measure to fit your window perfectly meaning shutters are the most effective choice for reducing heat loss from windows.

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Cellular blinds offer a 60% reduction in heatloss compared to a single glazed window. The cellular structure creates air pockets that slow down the thermal transfer from windows, this air pocket also ceates an additional insulation factor insulating your home from the outside elements.

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Roller blinds offer the least amount of reduction at 37% in heatloss compared to single glazed windows but are the most cost effective. If a blackout fabric is chosen this will further prevent light and heat entering the room.

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75% of residential window coverings remain in the same position every day

Motorised Blinds are a great option for increasing the energy efficiency of your home!

In the summer large windows can make a room warm and uncomfortable. Having the option to schedule your blinds to close during the middle of the day will keep in the heat from the morning but stop the room for getting too hot! 

During spring months setting your Blinds to open during the warmest parts of the day keeps your rooms naturally warm and closing them when the sun sets keeps that heat in for the evening reducing the need for central heating in the evenings . 

In winter shutters and blinds should be opened in the morning and closed when the sun goes down to retain heat! 

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Shade IT is an important project of the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) to improve the understanding of the science and technology of solar shading products which have proven benefits on the comfort and efficiency of buildings.