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Motorised Blinds

Motorised Blinds...So much more than a Roller!

There are a range of different reasons that people start to look at motorised blinds for their home, whether thats out of necessity, Struggling to reach the cords of the blinds in an awkward position, Over a sink, In a bathroom or just convenience of remote operation.

But do you know how a Motorised Blind can benefit you and what Blinds are available? 

  • Roller Blinds
  • Wooden Venetian Blinds
  • Cellular Blinds
  • Vision Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
  • Allusion Blinds
  • VELUX Blinds
  • Roof Blinds


Motorised Blinds are child safe by design because there are no cords that could cause danger to children or pets. Child Safety Regulations mean that cords need to be 1.5M off the ground so certain blinds, especially blinds in awkward places can be tricky to operate.

Having a Motorised blind means that the struggle of reaching over is removed and they can be easily operated using the remote, your phone or smart home device. 

Roof Lanterns and VELUX blinds will require a pole for operation but if motorised these can easily be opened and closed using your device.


Blinds in certain settings will often be used frequently through the day; Offices may often need to adjust their blinds to control the light flow into the room having the option to do this remotely without having to manually open and close the blind each time will save time throughout the day. 

Ideal also for Childrens bedrooms and Nurseries, even with your hands full its still easy to both open and close the blinds and you can even set timers for the blinds to open and close at scheduled times.

Energy Efficient

Upto 40% of energy is lost through your windows, Motorised Blinds are a great option for increasing the energy efficiency of your home!

Setting your Blinds to open during the warmest parts of the day keeps your rooms naturally warm and closing them when the sun sets keeps that heat in for the evening reducing the need for central heating in the evenings during spring months. 

In the summer large windows can make a room warm and uncomfortable, having the option to schedule your blinds to close during the middle of the day will keep in the heat from the morning but stop the room for getting too hot! 

Make the most of the natural light, set your blinds to open in the morning at sunrise reducing the need for artificial lighting through your home! 


Off on holiday? Working long shifts? Don’t worry about your home looking empty, with motorised blinds you can control your blinds remotely wherever you are using the app (Available when a hub is purchased) making it look like there is someone home!

Used alongside other smart home accessories these can be a valuable addition!

What do you think of Motorised Blinds?

If you’re interested in Motorised Blinds why not contact us to find out more about how they can work for you!