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Signature Blinds & Shutters, formerly known as Harmony Blinds & Shutters, manufactures a whole range of made to measure window shutters to suit any space. Choose from a range of styles, including Full Height, Bay, Shaped, Café Style and Conservatory. Do you have an awkward space that needs blinds? Our design team can come up with bespoke options on request!

Full Height Shutters

Imagine cool, crisp lines covering the whole window and complementing your chosen room design. Think of total privacy, a stylish new look and ultimate light control. Shutters provide these benefits and so much more. Wrapped up in a timeless style statement, and available in a range of materials and colours, full height shutters span the whole window.

 Full height plantation shutters easily let light in, or block it out based on your preference, due to their simple panel configuration, providing fantastic privacy for your home. 

Bay Shutters

Imagine combining sleek design with style, form and function, whilst maximizing the light and space in every corner of your home… Here’s where bay window shutters really shine. Not only are you able to make a bold, beautiful feature of your bay windows, but you’ll gain more space too.

Instead of curtains – which take up space and gather dust – Shutters are low maintenance and fixed directly to your window frames, freeing up space and turning each bay in your home into a treasured design statement.

Shaped Shutters

Re-imagine any space, no matter how unusual or awkward with a design statement that’s practical, precisely fitted and picture perfect. Increasingly, homes are imbued with all manner of window shapes and sizes – unique features can add character to any wall, roof or ceiling.

Café Style Shutters

Imagine bringing a touch of continental chic to your home, with sleek shutters that only cover the bottom part of your window. Picture a solution that leaves light flooding in through the top half of your window, while you make a design statement below. 

Tier-on-tier Shutters

Imagine shutters that could give you ultimate flexibility in light control and privacy, with effortless style that fits your vision perfectly… That’s exactly what our Shutters are designed to do. They look and feel just like full height plantation shutters, but they have two separate panels – one on top of the other – that each function independently. 

Tracked Shutters

Imagine maximizing space in the rooms you love with window coverings or room dividers that are both clever and captivating, all at once… Signature Blinds and Shutters track shutters are an intelligent, stylish way to create the look you’re after. They come in two styles, depending on your needs. 

French Door Shutters

Imagine adding a little extra Gallic flair to your French doors with sleek, chic made-to-measure shutters… It seems that French doors and Signature Shutters are a match made in heaven. What better way to put the ‘French’ into French doors than by enhancing their style with classic louvres?

Conservatory Shutters

Imagine adding a pristine finishing touch to your conservatory with made-to-measure shutters that have so much going for them… No matter what size or shape, your conservatory can enjoy an instant makeover with Signature Blinds and Shutters. Take back control and enjoy your conservatory all year round with stunning plantation shutters.

Java Shutters

Java is crafted from high-grade ABS (acrylonile butadiene styrene), a more robust alternative to cheaper vinyl, shutters. ABS is a hard, lightweight plastic that is used for a range of purposes due to its shock-absorbing properties.

Antigua Shutters

The Antigua range is an entry-level premium product made from MDF, covered with an extruded polypropylene coating. Available in most of our popular styles, Antigua has a high-quality finish, making it a versatile and durable choice for your home. Quick and easy to clean, Antigua is ideal for small and medium sized windows, as there are limitations when using it in larger installations or special shapes. 

Fiji Shutters

Crafted from sustainable and premium quality hardwoods, Fiji provides a wide range of customisation options, perfectly fitting the designs in your imagination. The stained option is crafted from Paulownia, one of the world’s fastest growing tree species, maturing in under 10 years, also known for the natural beauty of its grain. Key features: Beautiful wood stain option crafted from Paulownia Painted range manufactured from quality hardwoods Choice of 23 paint colours and 27 stain colours.

Samoa Shutters

Distinctively robust with an elegant finish, our new top-of-the-range Samoa product is a dynamic and flexible choice, offering a great alternative for almost any interior setting. This characteristic new product features thick robust frames to accommodate an optional hidden hinge. The louvres and frames are therefore proportionate in size to accommodate this hinge, producing a bold, yet elegant finish with smooth clean lines.

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